Aaron Trujillo Ledesma




Mushroom Table


This 3D Model was created in Rhino 6.0 and rendered using Blender

Last year I developed a table alongside Marie-Jeanne Boyer, another student at Concordia University, inspired by the unpredictability of fungi and mushroom shapes. We first worked on a couple of simple table designs in Rhino that then went through various iterations performed in Solidworks Simulations to render a shape that only uses the necessary material to support its weight. Mary-Jeanne came up with the idea of using a physics simulator so that the shape of our table was truly unpredictable. We then refined the table using Blender and Rhino.

The final render was done by me in Blender using the finished model and I too made the technical drawings in Rhino 6.0 using the same 3D model.