Aaron Trujillo Ledesma




Darth Maul MOD


3D model made with Blender and textures edited with Photoshop

This is the biggest collaborative project I have ever done. I started the project on my own and consisted of creating a new 3D model for the video game “Star Wars: Battlefront 2”. 

I wanted to bring the costume Darth Maul wears in one of the Star Wars TV shows into the game. I used Blender to create brand new 3D models and textures that would then be transported into Battlefront 2.

Everything except for the head was modelled by me. I kept the original head from the game. Once I finished the 3D model, I contacted another person by the name of DAZassassin100 from the Battlefront community to help me import the model into the game. You can see their work here.

I then modelled a brand new lightsaber for the character based on the same TV show (below).

I then created some promotional material for the mod in Blender and rendered some images to use in-game.

The UI icons and the Star Cards replace their original counterparts.

The mod was posted under my Nexusmods page username, SkaxAccusser, available here.

In this video you can see a showcase of the mod working in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, recorded by me.